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WeatherBoard (iOS 8 & 7) - 1.1.1-18

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animated weather on home & lock screen

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

WeatherBoard allows animated weather wallpapers. This includes over 80 different animated wallpapers, overlaying your favourite wallpapers with weather conditions, and animated wallpapers that update as the weather changes outside.

Some of the conditions include:
Severe Thunderstorm
Tropical Storm
Snow Showers
Mixed Rainfall
And many more!

WeatherBoard Features:
- Overlaying weather conditions overtop of normal wallpapers
- Weather wallpapers that update based upon the weather outside
- Over 80 animated weather wallpapers
- High quality, realistic, animated wallpapers
- Seamless switching between standard and animated wallpapers

Configure options from Settings.


Emergency Minor Update:
- fixed "Search Cities" crash due to remote changes in Apple's search API


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