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Wave2Wake - 1.0.3-1

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iPhone only. Compatible with iOS 8/9.
Requires iPhone

Wave2Wake is a tweak that will turn the screen on when you wave in front of (or tap) the proximity sensor.The best thing about the tweak is that you don't have to touch your iPhone at all to check if you have missed notifications (or unlock) especially when your hands are wet/dirty or your iPhone is in a fitness armband.Tweak will also turn on the screen when you take it out of your pocket and it will lock the device if you forget to lock it before putting it in your pocket.

In the prefs it is possible to enable/disable unlock/lock device and different power options. Also, there is a flipswitch to enable/disable the tweak.
In the full power mode (always on, no filters enabled), it will consume about 15% of your battery per day. Tested on iPhone 6.


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