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WAEnhancer8 (iOS 8) - 2.1-6

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the real advanced options for WhatsApp

The real advanced options for WhatsApp
The tweak re-written from A to Z line by line :D

Supports iPhone/iPad iOS8 Only

Also available, WAEnhancer(iOS6/7)

Hide the readMark content (hide blue mark for media and messages) (this function have an Notifications solution) but it works once the notification repeat (once) if u faced a random repeat close the WhatsApp from background to make it repeat the Notifications

Hide the type indicator (no one can see that u are typing

Share Videos: add an option to share your recieved videos to social apps or apps existe in your device

Share Musics: share your recieved sounds to other apps, or even send an sound file from your Music Library

Share Messages: share any message incoming or outgoing to other apps, u can also tweet them directly without leaving the WhatsApp application, or read those messages with an speech option

Configure options from



- fixed Settings header :( sorry
- حل بسيط في الهيدر تبع الاعدادات

- removed Block Groups/Broadcasts till next update
- fixed (again) long videos issue ( u can now send an looooong video :P )
- removed font size and replaced it inside the tweak settings

- added Arabic localization
- added new Lock/Unlock options within the chat share button
- added option to change the messages texts font style ( configure from the tweak settings )
- other improvements and performances

- fixed the green color in the settings set it to the default as in the screenshots
- fixed image file while using the maxi media options ( now it won't increase the image size will send the full quality only )
- fixed the video issue ( now u can send long videos )
- fixed share music issue when android users cannot open the music
- fixed some localization issues ( for Arabic users )
تم تعريب بعض القوائم داخل التطبيق او بالاخص جميعها
- fixed and improved removing camera button
- fixed WhatsApp LSeen TimeStamp issue ( update it and it will work ) version 4.3-2
- fixed and improved cancel the voice record by sliding ( now it will cancel directly when u slide )
- improved and old hidden feature which i didn't announce about last version ( 300 for the group and 300 for the broadcast ) :)
- removed the font size slider ( see the changes below )

- added option to block contact from the share button ( needs Share photos + Advanced options to be enabed )
- added option to remove the annoying call button on the top
- added option(s) to customize the outgoing/incoming messages colors
- added new option inside your WhatsApp settings to change fonts size ( min 14 maxi 56 ) (this is a reborn of the removed native size option from WhatsApp ) ;)
- added some other hidden features which won't announce them right now to be sure that there are no problems will happens to the user ( like temp blocks ).


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