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WAEnhancer - 1.5

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most wanted features for WhatsApp

Support iOS6, 7, 8.x and above
Support iPhone, iPod & iPad
Support WhatsApp latest versions

The trial is available, WAEnhancerLite
/*** Arabic Description at bottom ***

this tweak is the most useful tweak for whatsapp which give you the ability to use the most popular message app as you like.


--Long Media
let you send more than 16mb of media till 2Gb.
--Long Status
let you create status more than 139chrs till 2500chrs
--Long Subjects
let you write more than 25chrs for broadcast and group subjects till 300chrs
--Unlimited Photos
let you send photos without 10ph restrictions
--Last Seen
let you turn on/off last seen without 24H restrictions
--Share Style
let you change sharing style to modern style (check screenshot)
--Media Options
let you sharing your received music to another apps like ( Bridge, etc ) to save theme in music library or forward them out side whatsapp.
--Fully Profile Pic
let you add full profile picture without cropping it.
--Fonts Size
let you changing application font size
--Text Color
let you change messages bubble text color
--URL Color
let you change messages bubble url color
Finally those aren't all options we will offre to you. updates will have new surprises for you

Special Thanks Goes to:

@ConerTheme for his awesome work in Banner and iCons
@Amhs221 founder of @i_DevT
@iD7me for some inspirations
@HunterBeckham for last beta version of WhatsApp


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