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TinyPlayer Pro - 1.0-1

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod on iOS 8.x.x and 9.3.x

Also see TinyPlayer Lite

Tired of using the Music app or the Control Center to control your music? Do you want a unified player accessible from anywhere whenever YOU want?

TinyPlayer Pro was made for you!

With its beautiful and simple design and with its gesture based controls, you can easily and nicely control your music.

Feature list:

- 4 beautiful, smooth and unique modes are available
- Light/Dark mode: The backgroud is slightly blurred, which is pretty nice :)
- Adaptive mode (ColorFlow like): The background color and the color of the labels depends on the artwork. Adaptive mode = Limitless color possibilities!
- Custom mode: This is YOUR mode! You choose the background color and the color of the labels. Also, you can set the alpha of the backgroud that YOU want. Wants more? Sure! You can set two modes in the custom mode! The only limit is your imagination!
- Artwork mode: This mode takes the album artwork of the now playing music, blurs it and set it as the backgroud of the player. The result is wonderful! Or sometimes surprising :)

- Move the player around the screen by dragging it
- Resize the player by pinching it
- Rotate the player by doing a rotation gesture
- Play/Pause your music by tapping on the play/pause button
- Play the next and previous song by tapping 2 or 3 times on the player
- Switch between the light and dark mode by holding the player
- See through the player by tapping once on the player
- Bring the visual control by holding the play/pause button. From here, you can:
- Play/Pause your music
- Play the next or previous music
- Share your now playing music via Twitter or Facebook
- Control the volume of your music with a slider

- Open the now playing app by tapping once on the album artwork
- Open a music picker by holding the album artwork
- Switch TinyPlayer into the Tiny TinyPlayer mode (Artwork only). You can play/pause your music from here
- Put the player on an edge to snap it (there’s an option to hide it if nothing is playing)
- Remember last position: the last position of the player will be saved and it will put there after a restring or reboot
- Hide in switcher
- Hide/Show TinyPlayer with Activator
- Reset the player position with Activator

Setting list:
- There’s 2 style of volume slider
- Squared artwork
- Squared Player
- Artwork fill the sides of the player
- Enable/Disable circle animation on play/pause
- Switch play/pause and artwork positions
- Scrolling label speed
- Hide Lockscreen player

TinyPlayer Pro is compatible with most of music apps (stock music app, Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud,…)

If you want to know more about TinyPlayer Pro, please visit this website

TinyPlayer Pro will come later with more themes, features and options.

Configure options from the Settings app


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