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Super Recorder - 2.07-3k

3.50/5 (2 投票数).

Compatible with iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S on iOS 6/7

Record any Phone Call or Voice change any audio (speaker or microphone) on your device without using an external service.

Supports: Phone/Voip Calls, Viber, Skype, FaceTime, iPod, YouTube, Pandora, Radio, etc,..

Voice Changer: Changes your voice into Dalek (robot) voice while making a phone/voip call or listening to your iPod music. Enable/Disable this feature using the "Super Recorder Menu" Activator gesture.

Super Recorder App: Play/Delete/Share your recordings and quickly setup Activator gestures. the application also controls SR plugins settings such as "Dalek Voice Changer", "Volume Amplifier" and much more.

Activator Support: Toggle recording by Triple clicking the home button (or set other Activator gesture from the inside the application settings). to do a Voice change just assign an Activator gesture to "Super Recorder Menu"

Viber & CallBar Support: Adds a quick record button directly into the call view.

Volume Amplifier: This package also includes the famous Volume Amplifier tweak which allows amplifying the speaker volume by up to 200%.


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