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Stalky - 2.0.9

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Updated of iOS 8 as of 1.3


Sticky notes for your iDevice, it is compatible with all devices that can run iOS 6.1.2 or higher, as requested on r/jailbreak! This is a highly customizable sticky note tweak. Have notes on your lock screen similar to how the sticky notes on a PC works, except with more features! Have a look a the video below for a better idea on how this tweak operates. It is extremely light weight.


The Sticky notes, using the export button on the bottom left, can be saved to the Notes app directly from the lock screen! Just tap it and it is saved under "Sticky Note", easy as that!


I hope you enjoy the tweak as much as I do!


NOTE: If you installed a beta version of Sticky (version number before 1.1b-2) please uninstall it before installing this package! There is a packaging conflict, the tweak may not operate as described


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