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SmartTap - 0.8-277k

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Turn on the screen by tapping it!

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

Turn on the screen by double-tapping it!

SmartTap gives your iPhone, iPod or iPad a new impossible feature:
You can turn on the screen by double tapping it while its completely off! (similar to a few other phone brands' Knock capability)

You can also use other gestures, like slide up from the bottom or slide down from top of the screen while its off, and have it perform a different action like, unlock the device or launch a particular application.

Right from your locked device with the screen being off!

Ideal for any use, you will give your power and home button a rest, since you can both turn on, unlock and lock the device by double-tapping the screen.

Its also a great solution for device with broken home button, sleep button or both.

Features that iPhone lacked has always been a challenge and adding new ones brings always a great satisfaction.

I have also developed a cool pocket touches detection that prevents double-taps from being detected while the device is in your pocket, purses or other places!

The application uses the digitizer sensor when the screen goes off, without keeping the screen on.

In order for the tweak to constantly receive touches when locked,it prevents device from entering idle sleep mode. This will drain more battery especially during idle times. There are options in the settings to schedule the hours when you need the tweak most in order to maintain more battery, set timeout of inactivity or disable idle sleep prevention.

There is a flipswitch provided so you can turn the tweak on or off at any time and more power options to customise with.

No other tweak has access to the locked, turned off screen so far so there are no conflicting tweaks at all.



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