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Rendarya9 (iOS 9) - 1.0

4.67/5 (3 投票数).

requires iOS9


[ 3DTouch ]

- Video to Gif
--- using the new 3DTouch feature from Springboard Rendarya9 have video to gif shortcut, which let you convert any video to gif image.

- Last Taken Image
--- directly from your springboard page open the image editor to edit the last taken image.

[ Inside ]

- now support the native iOS Photo editing extension means you can use it once u click on the edit button then the small circle button to access editor apps.

- also you can click on the share button inside to get the Share Sheet option ( to edit the photo quickly ) without extra steps to enter edit mode.

[ Share Sheet ]

Rendarya9 now works everywhere and you can find it everytime you try to share images from an apps offer UIActivity sharing options

[ new Fonts ]

Rendarya9 ( Photo Editing Extension and Share Sheet Extension ) support over 40 custom fonts very well chosen.

[ Design ]

Rendarya9 has it's own dark design and also most of tools icons, changed to make it smoother than before

Settings ?
Rendarya9 don't needs Settings for now as it works natively


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