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RecentCalls+ - 1.2.1

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Compatible with iOS 10
Requires iPhone

RecentCalls+ lets you make your call log more fun and usable, also adds the search functionality!

Fun features:
* Icons to identify third party calling apps added in iOS 10 (e.g WhatsApp icon next to WhatsApp Audio makes it easier to find that call)
* Country flags next to the country title
* Assign emojis for different labels
* Colorize your call log: assign colors manually or pick them automatically from the icon or emoji

Useful features:
* Search in your call log - finding the necessary call entry was never that easy! Multiple search options are included.
* Hide call log entries from third party calling apps (e.g WhatsApp)
* Add calling confirmation to avoid accidental calls
* Show more call logs than just the default 100

The tweak doesn’t replace your native call log, it only adds additional functionality to it, therefore looks nice and native!

The tweak supports iOS 10.x iPhones. iOS 9 support is planned in future releases.
Additional feature suggestions are welcome :)!

Configure options from Settings.


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