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Prism - 0.0.1-847

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Compatible with iOS 8.4+

Prism is a tweak that allows you to see music visualizations inside the stock music application.

What is included?
- Two themes - 'Spectrum' and 'Beat'. Spectrum is a linear/radial bar theme while Beat is a pulsating circle theme.

How do I turn on and off the visualizer?
Perform a long press on the album art.

How can I customize the theme?
- You can set your own colors, you can allow Prism to generate colors based off of the Album Art, you can allow ColorFlow to dictate the colors, or you can allow Prism to generate random colors.
- The theme 'Spectrum' has additional configuration options such as the ability to be displayed radially, linearly, or symmetric. You can also dictate the number of bars to use as well as set the height.

Can this tweak visualize music from beats one?

Can this tweak visualize local music, apple streaming music, and other (non beats one) radio stations?

This tweak is compatible with iOS8.4 and Apple Music.

Configure options from Settings.


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