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Playtopia - 1.0.2

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Compatible with iOS 9
Not yet compatible with iPad

Playtopia is the most beautiful Music and Tiny Player for iOS.

It comes with two display modes: small and tiny

The small view allows you to change songs, play / pause, turn on light mode, adjust volume etc. you can also open the currently playing application by pressing the now playing icon in the top left corner.
You can enter the tiny mode through the button on the small view

The tiny view is a beautiful circle which allows you to play and pause and it takes less space on the screen.You can go back to small mode by double tapping the tiny view.

If you wish to enhance visibility, you can also drag both views out of the screen with only a small part of it left to drag it back in. Optionally it will pause music if you do so, this can be changed in the Settings that Playtopia provides.

Playtopia hides itself, when there is no Now Playing Application, it remembers its position throughout resprings as well as its settings like display mode and player size.
Alternatively you can also tell it to hide in certain apps, for that you'd need AppList, but it is not a requirement.

iPad will be supported in the next version


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