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PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 8 and iPhone/iPod -

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Want to protect and organize your Photos?

Do you take a lot of photos that not everyone should see? Frustrated with the Photos app missing options to protect your private photos from the prying eyes of your coworkers, friends or even family members? PhotoAlbums+ adds this much needed privacy with the ability to protect albums and folders with individual passwords.
Yes, you read right: Folders! Now you can group together all those different Albums from birthdays and vacations in for example a folder named "Family". And you can even put folders into folders. Organizing possibilities are limitless.
You don't understand why there is no way to MOVE photos on iOS 8 instead of stupidly copying them? You want to decide which photos get added to PhotoStream rather than having them added automatically in background? You need USB access to your photo albums instead of only the whole camera roll?

Here is the solution: PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 8! And this comes with a 100% stock looking UI integration into Photos and Camera app!

From the makers of iTouchSecure, Aeternum and PwnTunes:
PhotoAlbums+, Convenience... Optimized for your Lifestyle:
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