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Notifier+ - 8.4

4.00/5 (1 投票).

Compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Notifier+ is the debut of the known application called Notifier for the new ios era in Cydia Store. It gives the ability to create and schedule reminders for many kinds of events that happens in your device and you missed them, and also use of statusbar icons for each one.

Currently it supports reminders for:

* Calls
* Voicemail
* Messages
* Emails
* Instant Messengers
* Calendar Events
* Calendar Invitations

You can even set your own sounds to these reminders by adding your audio files in the specified folder.

This app supports icons placement (with badge info) in the lock screen, to assist you to quickly launch the app you have unseen events with one touch (disabled if phone is pass code locked). Now with retina icons!!!

Must run in any iDevice model, including iPads. Supports 4.X and 3.2 (for ipad)


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