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NotificationCards - 1.2.3k

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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Compatible with iPad.
Compatible with WinterBoard and Anemone.


Notification Cards revolutionizes the way you view your notification center.
It groups all of your notifications into individual app cards. In the notification center, you can slide the card to the left or right to dismiss all the notifications for that app. Or you can just clear one notification at a time by swiping the content to the left, or clicking on it. Similar to the lock screen cards. Not only that, you can also hold down on the top of a card to bring up the beautifully crafted clear all notifications screen, which does exactly what it says.

You have complete control over the functionality of your Notification Cards.
In the notification center, you can decide whether you want to allow cards to collapse to save space, or just always have them fully expanded. When collapsed, you can always click show more to view the rest of your notifications for that app, and when you're done, you can just re-collapse it. When a card has just one notification, you'll be provided with a convenient open app button instead.

You have complete control over the appearance of your Notification Cards.
You can change both the background color and text color for the top bar, notification section, and open app section, separately. You can also have the open app section's background automatically colored based on the predominant color of the app's icon. Finally, you can set the transparency of the cards, which effects only the background of the card, not the text or icon, resulting in an amazing visual. You can easily test your customization by viewing the card preview


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