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mikoto - 3.0.8

4.50/5 (2 投票数).

Works on iOS 5~8. Has arm64 support.

mikoto allows you to customize various App Store apps including iOS itself.

Think of it as something similar to Springtomize, but also for App Store apps.

All features are configurable through the mikoto preference pane in the Settings app.


Feature List

System (SpringBoard)

  • Disable volume limit on European iOS devices
  • Remove home screen/lock screen wallpaper gradient
  • Unlimited notifications in Notification Center
  • Remove "Slide to Unlock" delay when TouchID is on
  • Prevent the keyboard from automatically appearing in Spotlight in iOS 5/6
  • Show notification dates in the Notification Center
  • Show the status bar clock in the Lock Screen
  • Hiding the giant battery when charging your device on iOS 5/6

Google Maps

  • Always display the scale
  • Enable turn-by-turn directions everywhere
  • Disable the FPS limit
  • Prevent the cache from being cleared
  • Disable tile purging
  • Disable screen dimming while in Google Maps
  • Disable the "shake to send feedback" behaviour
  • Disable the two-finger menu slide gesture


  • Disable all ads, including video ads
  • Make higher-quality video available even over cellular data connections
  • Enable background playback

Settings (Preferences)

  • Enable the Carrier preference pane
  • Disable iOS software updates (this feature cannot be toggled off in mikoto's settings)
  • Disable the dangerous "Reset All" buttons (this feature cannot be toggled off in mikoto's settings)

Facebook (Katana)

  • Enable the normally-hidden Internal Settings
  • Prevent videos from automatically playing themselves


  • Enable the Delete All, Move All, Mark All, and Archive All actions.


  • Disable digit input limit


  • Disable all ads, including those that advertise Trillian itself


  • Enable all sections

...and more being added!


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