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HackInApp - 2.6

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Tweak for Enhanced WhatsApp & Instagram

Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

HackInApp Tweak is an essential for those who use messaging applications like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook! HackInApp will have full control of these apps, you will modify aspects graphics and special features! For example, you can send WhatsApp secretly in the background via email all conversations written in WhatsApp, you can hide all the chat, you can be online and so are the successful invisible to spy anyone on WhatsApp, you can set up a secure password for all these Applicazini, password will be encrypted with 256 bit inaccessible to anyone who is much more! In instagram can save photos and videos with just one click, change colors and more ....

List functions TWEAK:


• Change color to the TEXT
• Change color to URL
• Change color of background at the box bar (where you write in WhatsApp)
• Change the text color of the Box Bar
• Change FONT
• Change text size in WhatsApp
• Unlimited Status : Enter the state with no character limits
• Unlimited Photo : Delete the block of up to 10 photos to be sent so you can submit as many photos you'll want more than the permitted 10
• Unlimited Media : post attachments unlimited
• Unlimited Subject : Also remove the limits here
• Remove the camera icon added recently chatting
• Remove the icon calls chat
• Load image in full screen Full unlimited and autoresize
• See an enlarged preview of your image directly in Tableview in settings WhatsApp
Mode invisible : You will be online but will be your last login was since you activated this function! You see when others are online, but others will not see you , will no longer see your name when you write but your number! I created this very special method that will WhatsUp Tweak a must-have for those who use WhatsUp;)
• Disability receipt of reading even if you see a Mess or an image will be that you have not opened
• Hide all text of WhatsApp chat with one button
• Send chat comversazioni email , you want a copy of what you write and to whom you write it? Please enter your email and WhatsUp Gmail will automatically send each message sent on the WhatsUp email of your choice;)
• Last button enter a password to the application WhatsApp to protect your app from prying eyes! I worked enough for this section because the password will not be saved in the iPhone with NSUserDefault method useless because passwords are accessible to those trying to break a bit on iOS, but I created a method that encrypts with high strength and your password is decrypted at the time then inserting it inaccessible to anyone! Password safe;)


• Save Pictures: Save any image in Instagram in full HD directly into the camera roll with a click! Just click the Save that you will find added.

• Save Video: same thing for the photos to save videos in HD in the film by clicking on the save button

• Set Password Safe: Set a password for Instagram

YouTube video instagram save:

if you activate the sending of email chat text you already entered before a valid email Gmail otherwise WhatsApp crashes when you send messages! immediately enter an email Gmail to save just write it and go back without the navigation bar without clicking Save!

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