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Genous - 1.0.1k

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Compatible with iOS 9

Genous allows you to change icon size, row count, column count and icon insets for each page of your springboard layout and your dock! For example on the first page you can have a 2x2 layout and on the next page you can have a 5x5 layout. Settings for each are also locked into orientation. The settings you have for your device in portrait can be different from the settings in landscape. To change any settings simply double tap the current page while editing to invoke the Genous menu. In the Genous menu multiple options are available. The first is column count, click the + or - buttons on each side of the value to change it. The next is row count which also uses the same control system. Then, also using the same control system, is icon size (note the associat ed value is a percentage of what the normal icon would be). With changing the icon size you can also alter other visual aspects of the icons. Like the ability to hide, shrink or display labels normally. You can also choose to shrink the icon badges (keeping the scale consistent to that of the icon). Lastly there is a reset button which will reset the current page to default values.


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