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FutureLock - 2.0

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Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Future of the lock screen right at your finger tips!

A beautiful concept made to reality now enhances your lock screen to feel more personalized and just simply amazing.

Included Features:
- Set custom name
- Set morning start
- Set afternoon start
- Set evening start
- Set night start
- Custom widgets
- Minimal looks
- Text, Glyph, & Blur Color
- Blur alpha
- Localization

Default widgets
- Calendar
- Weather
- More will become available

Default Localizations
- English
- French
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Chinese

Are you a developer looking to create a widget for FutureLock? Please contact me on twitter @orangebananaspy

- Double tap to close tabs or simply press home button
- If on minimal looks, press home button to return to normal or slide the notification down to close

Configure options from Settings.


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