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Flex 3 - 3.3.0

2.50/5 (4 投票数).

Modifying apps gets easier, with Flex 3. This release is an early access version with a limited amount of free patch downloads for unpaid users.

Flex gives you the power to modify apps and change their behavior, with no coding experience needed. A vibrant community with over 150,000 members, and over 30,000 patches submitted, you can always find something useful.

Every day someone downloads Flex with a idea in their head, and is able to create their perfect patch. Then they upload that patch to the Flex Community Cloud and others are able to share their vision. This is what Flex is built for, and seeing your ideas come to life couldn't be simpler. If there's something you want to be different in an app, there's a good chance Flex can help you achieve your goal.

What’s new in Flex 3:

* The Flex Community Cloud now has comments, so you can discuss your favorite patches and talk to the developers.

* You can now vote on the working status of patches.

* A trending section has been added so you can see the most popular patches in the last 24 hours.

* Search has been added to make it easier to find what you're interested in.

* You can now share links to patches.

* Flex has been rewritten in Swift 3, and now targets iOS 9+, to make it easier to maintain and add features.

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