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Epicentre - 2.0-1

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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

Epicentre is a refreshing fluid passcode alternative. Inspired by the Apple Watch’s use of circles, Epicentre showcase’s an animated PIN input that radiates from the center of the screen. Upon swiping over to enter your pin, Epicentre launches all ten buttons from a central point, and they settle into a ring. At this point you can either drag buttons to the lock icon or simply tap numbers to enter your pin, making Epicentre just as fast as the standard iOS passcode screen. To delete a number, simply tap the lock icon, and the last number will pop off in another of Epicentre's gorgeous and natural animations.

Epicenter also comes preloaded with several customization options. You have the ability to scramble button positions, input your pin based on default button locations, change button radius, and change the overall size of the input. The options not only allow for maximum usability, but also allow for users to personalize appearance as well.

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