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Eclipse 3 (iOS 9) - 3.0.5-1

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Compatible with iOS 9
Also available, Eclipse 2 (iOS 8)

Eclipse 3 for iOS 9 gives your device some personality. Finally, you’re able to get rid of the boring, classic white and bright interfaces that every application seems to come with.

As per popular request, Eclipse 3 now features a blacklist functionality. All applications are now disabled by default, and are now enabled via Settings on an individual basis

Eclipse 3 features:

- iOS 9 compatibility
- Frequent updates with support for more apps coming soon
- Lightweight tweak, consumes NO battery life!
- System-wide interface colorization on most apps
- User-customizable color settings
- Activator and flipswitch toggle

Due to some changes in iOS 9, the Notes app is not supported, but will be in the next update.

iPad support also coming soon!

Contact @fr0st on twitter for bug reports and feature requests.


- Improve force touch on phone app
- Bug fix for "set wallpaper" buttons

- Patch for Clock app on iOS 9.2+
- Compatibility fixes for latest jailbreak


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