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DathMessages - 2.3-1

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Colour your messages because you can!


Compatible with iOS 8

Ever thought messages looked a little dull? Don't like the default messages colors?
From the maker of DathUI and DathKeyboard comes DathMessages!

With DathMessages, you can change the the color of the messages you send, receive, you can even change the the background of the messages app!

That's not all though, DathMessages comes with ton of features you can use to fully customize the way you look at your everyday messages app.

Configure options from App


Version 2.3-1
- Little fixes here and there

Version 2.3
- Fixed "Table Cell” button
- Fixed gradient bubbles not updating
- Localized German
- Keyboard background
- Auto colour message text input

Version 2.2
- Colour more things:
+ Search Bar
+ Navigation Bar (Auto title colour)
+ Table Cell (Auto separator colour)
+ Table Cell Texts
- Localized French
- Fixed lag when applying shadows
- Fixed default font issue

Version 2.1
Messages App Tint
Auto gradient on and off
Fix bubble shape for gradient
Fixed confusion with font size (now you can leave empty for 17)

Version 2.0
- Fixed background images
- Added shadow effect
- Gradient option
- Further optimized code and application to fix crashes for some


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