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CSources2 - 600.902-0

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manage & toggle apt source entries


Compatibility: All Devices
iOS 6 - 8 and 9

CSources2 is a toggle Sources Manager.
Add as many sources as you want.
Disable/Enable or delete them.
Add notes.
Check if Source is active.
Package details.

I have added a couple backup methods. The main backup will allow iOS updates if you sync'd with iTunes or iCloud. If you change iOS or update/upgrade your device. Reinstall CSources2, and click restore. You can also email yourself or friends a copy of your list after backing up. Just select @ in the info page, select Contact, and change the send to address.

Transition from CSources to CSources2:
If CSources is installed, Backup before installing CSources2, this will allow transition.
If CSources is un-installed, but you previously made a backup, & you wish to transition.
Install CSources2. Before running CSources2 for the first time. Use iFile etc, Rename csources.list.backup to csources.list located in /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d.
Transition, will convert the old csources.list. Unknown data will be added to the notes section of (SomeRepo).

Please note:
CSources2 was designed for iOS 7 and above.
A small amount of users requested iOS 6.0.0 compatibility. CSources2 works on iOS6 but was not intended. Support for iOS6 is limited.
Tested on iOS 6.1.6 only.

Known iOS6 bugs:
1. In info section, returning from backup sometimes hides exit button. Go back to backup page then exit again. Exit button should now be visible.
2. Due to iOS, app may run slower than expected.

Reporting Bugs:
Please review all notes and documentation before contacting the developer.


iOS 9.0.2 Ready
Pesky critters fix..


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