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Confero 2 - 1.3

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Compatible with iOS 10 Not compatible with iPad.

Also for iOS 7, 8 and 9, Confero 1

Confero's main function is to declutter the springboard by removing all the notification badges (or not, this is an option in the settings panel) and place them in a one easy-to-get area, the "Confero folder".

Here's how it works:

- Tap on the StatusBar icon to invoke the Confero folder to see what apps have notifications (red badge) and what apps that doesn’t have (white badge).

- Swiping up on an app will delete its notifications quickly.

- Swiping down on an app will invoke its notifications which you can open, delete or force touch.

- Tapping twice on the x let you delete all the notifications for the selected app or force touch to delete them all.

- Tap OPEN to show the selected app under Confero (you can easily switch between multiple apps!).

There is also an option to show Indeterminate Badges. These are in short mini notification badges (you can choose their shape too) that only show you that you have a notification, without the culture of numbering.

Confero is set to “light” mode by default and there is an option to switch to the light side or let Confero choose which one is better.

Pulse option let the Confero Icon pulse when you get a notification.

Confero Icon can be hidden if there's not any notifications.

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