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Columba for iOS 9 - 0.3-1

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Works on iOS 9.0.2~9.3.3

The new, revamped version of Columba: a simple quick reply and compose solution.

Columba for iOS 9 uses the default built-in iOS systems to bring the following features to your device, meaning that it is as efficient as possible.

Columba offers:
- Quick compose from anywhere
- A new quick reply interface
- Conversation history
- Message scheduling (with images)
- Message templates
- And much more!

All of this of course is available whether you are creating a new message or whether you are replying to an incoming one.

Activator is not required, though if installed allows you to set a gesture for quick compose. Otherwise you can tap the composition button in the volume HUD.

Configure options from the settings.


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