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Clap - 0.3-3

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Clap your hands to find your phone!

Compatible with iOS 8 on iPhone only
(iPod & iPad is being researched)

Clap is designed to find your phone when you can’t remember where you put it. It happens (to me, at least :P) all the time.

Clap listens (not continuously, only at a regular intervals) with your microphone for high-level sounds, if it detects one, it plays a short but loud alarm. It works only when your screen is shut off. But Clap is not a simple microphone listener. It features an accelerometer implementation, used to understand when and how fast your device is moving. This lets us avoid many false positives that can be bothering. It has a super comfortable switch to turn it off without even unlocking your phone. How? By using your phone’s ringer switch. You turn it to “silent” mode, and Clap magically turns off.

The battery usage is almost imperceptible. I really cannot notice it on my iPhone 6.


So, this is Clap. Feel free to contact me on Twitter or Email for any question/problem/bug report/etc..

If you are a tweak reviewer, you can contact me using author button at the top^

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