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CameraTweak 3 (iOS 8) - 1.3

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powerful enhancements to Camera app

Compatible with iOS 8 (not yet compatible with iPad on iOS 8)
Available: CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7)

Add the needed enhancements to your iOS stock Camera app.

The iPhone is a great device to capture your favorite moments, and although there are literally thousands of 3rd party camera applications out there, the fastest one is still your stock Camera app.
This tweak is created to add the basic missing features to it and make the stock Camera app a serious contender.

Features such as lapse timer, changing the resolution or changing the FPS of your camera are just the tip of the iceberg.

The list goes on.

Setting your focal point seperate from where you measure your exposure, manually change shift your focus, choosing the ISO and or shutter speed are professional features that are a must to have and can really make an impact in your every day shots.

Unmirror your selfies and toggle the video stabilisation mode.

There are even four different composition overlays to choose from to give you that extra support.

This is the third generation CameraTweak specially made for iOS 8 and will be kept updated to include the latest iOS functionality and bug fixes.

Compatible with iOS 8.0 and up


Fixed: Timestamp state was not saved when needed

Fixed: Weird animation in UI after using the dimension switcher or FPS selector

Fixed: UI placement of buttons and other indicators for iPhone 6 & 6 plus

Fixed: Manual (advanced) focus not focusing on selected target in iPhone 6 plus

Fixed: The dimension selector not resized well in landscape orientation

Fixed: Selecting a custom dimension on the iPhone 6 plus did not actually take a picture in that resolution.

Fixed other minor bug here and there.

Removed the 1936p dimension due to it’s problematic AV description.

When using the tweak 'HighResStill' the dimensions/resolution of the image will continue to be HiRes.


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