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BookmarksIcons - 1.2.0-1

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BookmarksIcons displays the real website icon for each of your bookmarks instead of the same default generic bookmark icon. This allows you to find bookmarks much faster, just by looking at their icons. And it looks very pretty.

Website icon will be saved automatically for each new bookmark, and you can also refresh/redownload icons for all your bookmarks at once by tapping on Update Icons button in the bottom of the bookmarks list. To see how many icons you have stored, and to delete them if needed, head to Settings/BookmarksIcons.

The icons are high-res retina-compatible (as defined by the websites) and not low-res favicons. For the few websites that do not have high-res icons, a monogram icon will be created, first letter of the website title with website’s average colour as the background. (in case that the website cannot be reached, no icon will be set)

Compatible with all iOS 9 devices.


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