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Blocked - 1.0.4-12

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Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

Enhance your device security and privacy with this tweak!
BLOCKED gives you two operation modes, SleepMode and GuestMode.

SleepMode allows you to block certain features, like the Fingerprint sensor so no one can force you to unlock your device by forcing your finger on the sensor. It is also possible to Block Access to the Notification Center and Control Center so no one messes with your messages and settings.
SleepMode also has a scheduled features so you can specify a time range from when to when the SleepMode should be automatically enabled.

GuestMode is for the typical "may I use your phone to place a call" situation. It allows you to disable access to a configurable list of Apps and also blocking things like the Notification Center and Control Center.

Don't forget to configure the required triggers and options using the BLOCKED preferences inside the stock Settings app!


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