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AdaptiveKeyboard - 1.1.0-1

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Every application gets its own individual keyboard color!

As requested on Reddit

Bored of having the same keyboard in every application? 

With AdaptiveKeyboard every application gets its own individual keyboard color! 

AdaptiveKeyboard calculates the dominant color from the application icon and uses it as the keyboard's color. 


Patch notes for version 1.0.1: 

Fixed a bug that broke compose sheets, e. g. Mail and Twitter. 

Fixed a bug that broke viewing images and other media in several apps. 

The exact reason for the bug is unknown, it was fixed by using CoreFoundation functions instead of higher-level Objective-C classes. 


Patch & release notes for version 1.1:

A major bug that could cause a respring- or boot-loop was fixed by using a UIApplicationMain-Hook to initialize. 

A memory leak was fixed, the free() was commented by accident. 

A preferences pane was added, allowing the user to disable AdaptiveKeyboard for chosen applications. 


Additional information & screenshots: 

The tweak does not have any options to configure, yet. 

If an application icon could not be loaded, the color defaults to gray, 

that also applies to Spotlight. 

The algorithm might change in future versions. 


Please report issues or requests by email or via Twitter.


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